Vegetable Oil Processes

1-My Raw Material Storage Systems

It is extremely important to store raw materials under suitable conditions in terms of final product quality, from post-harvest to processing. Especially due to the high oil content in the oil seeds, moisture, foreign matter, dust, etc. that may cause enzymatic browning and oxidation in the oil during storage. It should be stored by minimizing the factors. As ÖZMODERN MAKİNE, we provide modern storage services to our customers by cooperating with partner steel silo and factory scale manufacturers under the leadership of our company for the storage of oil seeds such as sunflower, canola, soybean, safflower under suitable conditions.

2-Seed Cleaning and Dehulling

Since some foreign substances in the oil seeds will damage the equipment in the enterprise and affect the final product quality, they are passed through magnetten and garbage sieves before processing and the foreign substances in them are taken. As ÖZMODERN MAKİNE, we meet the needs of raw oil factories with garbage sieves that we manufacture up to 50-1000 tons / day capacities.

In today’s developing feed technology, high protein sunflower meal is used as an alternative protein source in high protein milk feed production. In order to obtain this pulp, a dehulling process is required in vegetable oil plants.

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