For obtaining crude oil and pulp by squeezing the oil seeds brought to suitable conditions in the cooking pan in the spirals of the press. According to the input conditions of the next extraction unit, the desired amount of oil is left in the pulp. The residual oil in the oil tank is sent to the Oil Sediment Screen. The oil sifted through the residue sieve is sent to the filter unit for filtration. The oily cake separated from the press is sent to extraction by means of conveyors. The design, material and life of the press spirals, blades and scraper blades are of critical importance.

In the presses, the motor, belt-pulley, reducer, press main shaft, bearings and body to which the power that performs the compression process between the spirals and the cage is obtained and transmitted, must be developed as a result of the most advanced technology and engineering studies and designed in a way that can meet the need. As Modern Makine, we prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality by choosing the most suitable presses according to the product to be worked in the units we install.

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