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Who are we? In 1976, NAMIK KEMAL OĞUZ, who worked as a technical manager in various oil factories in Trakya, which is the source of sunflower oil in our country, later added his experience and started to produce machinery and equipment for vegetable oil factories. Namık Kemal Oğuz, who has accomplished important works in this sector in a short time, founded MODERN MAKİNE VE MÜHENDİSLİK HİZMETLERİ firm in 2011. The company has prioritized quality and customer satisfaction, and continues its innovative process rapidly in line with the technology and engineering services required by the age. Our company, which manufactures the necessary machinery and equipment for the processing of various oil seeds, process applications and assembly, has established and continues to establish modern facilities in our country and in various countries of the world.
Since 2011

Our Vision

Our Vision In today’s world where knowledge and innovation outweigh capital, kaurum should adapt to new technologies and methods as quickly as possible and have a management approach to develop strategic collaborations. The dissemination of the project culture, which enables the establishment of international partnerships and the development of a common life culture in the globalizing world, will cause our institutions and employees to integrate with the world and adopt a solution-oriented approach.

Our Mission

Our Mission To contribute to the development of the project culture throughout the country, to ensure the establishment of healthy relations between our country’s institutions and foreign partners in major international projects, and to ensure the realization of projects that will play an active role in solving the problems in society.

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High Performance Services For Multiple Insdustries And Technologies!


REFINERY Impurities (impurities) such as phosphatides, free fatty acids (FFA) and anti-oxidants etc

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Crude Oil Press Unit

RAW OIL PRESS UNIT For obtaining crude oil and pulp by squeezing the oil seeds brought to suitable

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Various Productions

VARIOUS PRODUCTIONS We manufacture various equipment needed for oil factories, feed factories and v

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Turn-key Feed Factories

TURN-KEY FEED FACTORIES Feed Factories are factories where the production of scientific animal feed

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EXTRACTION It is the unit where the oily pulp coming out of the press is separated from its oil in

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Sunflower Shell Separation Plant

SUNFLOWER SHELL SEPARATION PLANT Another advantage of shelling systems is to direct production acco

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