Seed Cleaning and Dehulling

Some foreign substances in the oil seeds will damage the equipments in the plant and affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, foreign substances in the oil seeds are taken through the magnetten and garbage sieves before processing. As a MODERN MAKİNE we produce the needs of the raw material factories with the garbage sieves manufactured up to 50-1000 tons / day capacities.

In today’s growing feed technology, high protein (36%) sunflower seeds are needed which are more economical than the raw materials that are equivalent in producing high yield milk feeds. In order to obtain this tubular Dehulling process in vegetable oil plants is required.


  • Another advantage of Dehulling sorting systems is to steer according to current commodity prices and to expand the customer portfolio by increasing product diversity.


  • The crude oil that comes out of a crude oil plant operating by separating crust is of extremely high quality.


  • The color pigments found in the sunflower husk are wax-like waxy and gum-like materials that dissolve in the water during the extraction stage and pass into the oil. This is the most important criterion that affects quality and cost in the production of refined oil and in the trade of butter. Most of the negative quality factors are inactivated because a large majority of the Dehulling in the Dehulling process.


  • In crude oil plants, the helical compression screws of the crude oil presses disrupt the structure of the helicoid due to the abrasive cellulosic structure of the Dehulling and shorten its life span. Dehulling process eliminates this negative effect and has a positive effect on costs.


  • Pressing and extracting oil are close to one another in Dehulling plants, which makes it possible to mix press oil and extraction oil by mixing 1: 1.


  • It is a quality fuel because it contains some oil in its shell. It contains about 4000-5000 kcal / kg of energy. The productivity is high in shell-burning boilers. After burning, any slag, etc. Waste does not emerge. Only a white ash emerges, which is crucial for waste storage in terms of operation. In addition, the resulting ash is rich in potassium, so it can also be used as fertilizer.


  • MODERN MAKİNE has installed and commissioned many domestic and foreign plants at the capacity requested by our customers with our experienced technical staff, considering all these advantages and innovations in developing vegetable oil technology.

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