Crude Oil and Pres-Filtration

The oil seeds which are brought to suitable conditions in the baking process are squeezed in the press helixes to obtain the oil and to obtain the raw oil and the pulp. Depending on the input conditions of the next extraction unit, oil is left in the pulp at the desired rate. Sediment oil in the oil tank is sent to Oil Sediment Elegant. As MODERN MAKİNE we use manual or PLC controlled technological filter equipments to install filtration units with minimum oil loss. The sifted oil is sent to the filter unit for filtration. The oily cake separated from the press is sent to the extraction via the conveyors. The design, material, and life of the press spirals, knives and scraper blades are critical.

The motor, belt-pulley, reducer, press main shaft, bearings, and body assembly, which are transmitted and obtained by compressing the product between the helixes and the cage in the presses, must be designed in the direction in which the most advanced technology and engineering studies can be developed and responded as needed. We keep the customer satisfaction and product quality in the front plan by choosing the most suitable presses according to the products to be worked on in the units we have installed as Modern Machinery.

Installed Facilities