Trakya, which is the source of our country’s Sunflower Seeds, has been serving in the sector since 1976 in various regions of Turkey and in different countries of The World, keeping the quality and customer satisfaction in every job that it has done in the sector and providing the innovative process in the direction of technology and engineering services It continues rapidly. Our firm, which has been manufacturing and supplying the necessary machinery and equipment for the processing of various oil seeds with our experienced technical cadets and the installation of turnkey oil and feed factories and all kinds of tanks and equipment used in various industrial branches and installation, continues to establish and establish modern facilities in our country and in various countries of the world .


The latest technology

We follow the latest technology and keep up with it. Our work includes the latest technology products.

Licensed & Insured

All of the products we manufacture are suitable for standard licenses.

On Time Delivery

We take care to deliver all the projects we have started on time.

Professional Employees

All of our employees are experts in their field.